In Italian, "freddo" means "cold". So we thought "Freddy" would be a great name when we premiered this little guy at Eurocucina. Freddy is the first of his kind, bringing nine new functions to your home:


Keep freshness up to a week, for fresh or cooked food.

Freddy can chill food in just over an hour—that preserves quality and freshness which is lost during the 15-20 hours that refrigerators take to chill food. Protect your food—whether it's straight from the market, or straight from the oven.


Keep freshness six months or more, for fresh food.

Freddy can freeze food in 2 hours—that locks in moisture and texture which is lost during the 20 hours that freezers take to fully freeze food. Now, you can preserve garden vegetables and seasonal produce that you never dreamed of freezing before.


Thaw food at the ideal rate.

It's difficult to thaw food completely without leaving it exposed to bacteria, or without starting to cook the outside. Freddy thaws food safely and thoroughly, until it's just the right temperature through and through.


Blast chilling can be customized to quicly chill wine or other drinks to a precise temperature.


Low-temperature cooking heats food gently and evenly, to enhance its natural texture, color, and flavor. This is ideal when you want to savor the true and natural flavors of fine meats and fish.


The Ready Meal cycle lets you come home to a hot meal for lunch or dinner. Just enter the time you will be home, and Freddy will keep your meal at refrigerator temperature until it is time to begin heating.


Freddy is perfectly suited to hold food at an ideal temperature without leaving it dry or overcooked - whether you're holding appetizers for a dinner party, or holding dinner when things are running late.

Combine this with other functions, to hold a breakfast until it reaheats in the morning, or to keep shock frozen berries cold until you move them to the freezer.


The best way to make dough rise is through steady leavening at a constant temperature. Freddy's leavening cycle produces results that are rich, light, flaky, and easy on the tummy.


Freddy's perfect companion is Zero. Zero seals your chilled or frozen food in a wrap or container, protecting it about 5 times longer than a traditional plastic bag. Zero adds another layer of protection for freshness, especially if you are storing shock frozen delicacies.

On Zero's soft-touch keypad, you'll find several options:

For Sealed Bags:
leaves some air in the bag, for delicate foods like salads or puff pastries

removes all air from the bag, for long-term preservation

removes all air from the bag and the food, for sous-vide (vacuum) cooking
For containers like bottles and jars:

Start (press)
leaves some air in the container, for vacuum containers (vuotobox), glass bottles and jars

Start (hold for 5 seconds)
removes all air from the container, for containers made of resistant glass or steel